Starfinder Campaign

Session 1

A beginning!

The crew of the Absolutely Elegant accepted a contract to escort and protect an artist of some renown on Verces to a museum show highlighting his newest peace, Pleiades. Close Teward, the artist, met our plucky heroes at his home after they shooed away some protestors by convincing them they were at the wrong building.

Close's art was pelted by some rotten produce on the way to the exhibit thanks to a cheap, non-roofed hover truck rental and some more angry protestors. Quick thinking by the party caused Close to take a detour to berate local youth 'artists' and their art laser show, allowing Aki and Oraeus Shah to clean and rebuild the damaged pieces.

Arriving at the venue, the crew took some time to peruse some of the other displays before opening, then mingled with the crowds a bit as the event began. Shortly thereafter, the skylights shattered as menacing space goblins poured in, accompanied by a heavily armed and armored Vesk!

The goblins ransacked the area, destroying and gathering the displays and bringing them to the Vesk, none meeting his approval. Mahle Leshaus worked on bringing the distraught Close to safety as the other scattered. Alas, our heroes were unable to save Pleiades from the destruction, much to Close's despair. Aki recovered and later repaired the rifle from the exhibit 'PEW! PEW PEW PEW!' and also picked up cylindrical art piece dropped by a dead goblin on the scene.

As authorities arrived, the Vesk and his goblin posse took off amidst hot pursuit. The crew escorted Close to his home and collected their pay.



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